Children's drawings

Do you want your child to develop their creativity or become a professional designer? We can help you!

Computers and mouses in the modern world have replacedtraditional coloring books and given additional opportunities for the development of your child! But what if design programs like Photoshop are still too difficult to master, and the usual graphics editors are not functional enough?

The simple and intuitive Wilda online editor will allow your child to quickly create their first little masterpiece, and our educational materials will help them to understand the basic principles of design, which will be useful to him in the future.

Children's drawing templates

What if you haven't found the right template?

If you haven't found the specific template you are looking for then choose the one which best suits your needs according to the structure and layout you desire, place your images appropriately, or just simply create a new document. If you need any assistance with the document building you can use our exclusive service "Designer's assistance".

video instruction
How to create a document on the Wilda online builder?

Watch this short video about the basic principles of creating and editing documents on Wilda's online editor. You may start creating and editing of documents as soon as you are registered in your Personal Account.

Select a template you like, or create a new document in the format you need.