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Do you want your child to develop their creativity or become a professional designer? We can help you! Computers and mouses in the modern world have replacedtraditional coloring books and given additional opportunities for the development of your child! But what if design programs like Photoshop are still too difficult to master, and the usual graphics editors are not functional enough? The simple and intuitive Wilda online editor will allow your child to quickly create their first little masterpiece, and our educational materials will help them to understand the basic principles of design, which will be useful to him in the future.

Children's presentation samples and templates

Both samples and templates can easily be edited: add or delete texts, images, logos, change backgrounds, colors and structure if necessary. Do whatever you want. No restriction!

Children's presentation sample dinosaurs
Children's presentation sample Pirates
Children's presentation sample Ghosts
Format: 16:9; Dimensions: width - 960 px, height - 540 px;
I can't find what I need

If you didn't find the sample or template you need, just create a new document from scratch. You can select the desired document size from the list or specify your own. Try it! We are sure you will make it better than us!

How to create a document on the Wilda online builder?

Watch this 30-second video tutorial to get acquainted with the basic principles of developing beautiful and effective documents on the Wilda online application.

The design of any document consists of blocks: background, image, text, shape, line and table. You may add, remove, swap any blocks, use different colors, fonts, upload your own logo and images with one click. Everything is very simple, intuitive, and no restrictions!

Try it and enjoy!

Still have questions?

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