Designer's assistance

The service "Designer's assistance" is a unique opportunity to create a professionally designed document at a minimum cost with the help of our designers. Order the service "Designer's assistance" on the Wilda online builder.
Designer's assistance

Why do you need the service"Designer's assistance"?

Our site has everything you need to create really beautiful documents: templates, tutorials and links to useful resources and, of course, a very simple interface. However, if you do not have enough time to master this material or you doubt your design talent, then this service will be very useful to you. You save your time and money because you do not need to hire designers and explain to them what you want. All you have to do is choose your favorite template and upload your own texts and images without any decoration – we will do the rest!

Why is the price so low?

It's simple. Most of the design costs you have to pay are a result of ordering a document which needs to be created from scratch. This also includes the time the designer spends searching for relevant images and identifying any design corrections. On the Wilda online builder, you have already chosen a half-finished template, so it is only a case of adding your materials (photos, logo, texts) to it. You do your part of the job and we do ours. Together we Save!

What the service"Designer's assistance" cosists of?

The service"Designer's assistance" involves the professional design of your document by means of the Wilda online Editor. The designer will select fonts for you, decorate your images and texts, create the correct structure of the document, and select colors.

How does it work?

  1. You create a document in your desired format;
  2. Fill it with texts, logos and images;
  3. Pay for the required number of pages and report about the payment in chat;
  4. Your document will be ready within 24 hours of the payment notification;

Be aware that:

  • The service (only) includes the finalization of an existing document and does not provide for the creation of a new document from scratch;
  • The designer provides only One version of the document;
  • All editing takes place in the Wilda online Editor, on a copy of your document. If you need to make changes to the document after it has been corrected by a specialist, you can always do it yourself!

The cost of the "Designer's assistance" can be found in Tariffs.