School Facebook cover template

School Facebook cover template

Create a Facebook group or page cover using the ready-made stylistic designs developed by our designers. At the same time, you can change everything in your layout: add or remove any blocks, texts, images, colors, etc. Meaning you can use this template for any topic or genre.

The maximum size for page header is 1958 x 745 pixels and group header - 1640 x 856 px, but Facebook will scale these images down to minimum dimensions of 820 x 312 px for computer and 540 x 312 px for mobile screens. Therefore, we recommend using the universal cover size of 820 x 312 px and center the important content in the middle of the screen, up to 540 px width, to avoid cropping on mobile devices. After editing, you will be able to download the customized cover in optimal resolution jpg or png format.


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