School presentations

Create a school presentation on the Wilda online builder, using templates or by starting a new document. All templates are very simple to work with. You just need to replace the background and pictures with your own images. For primary and high school students.

Find out what the difference is between Wilda and PowerPoint and check out the additional features you'll have using the Publishing service.

School presentations templates

What if you haven't found the right template?

If you haven't found the specific template you are looking for then choose the one which best suits your needs according to the structure and layout you desire, place your images appropriately, or just simply create a new document. If you need any assistance with the document building you can use our exclusive service "Designer's assistance".

How to create a document on the Wilda online builder?

Watch this short video about the basic principles of creating and editing documents on Wilda's online editor. You may start creating and editing of documents as soon as you are registered in your Personal Account.

Select a template you like, or create a new document in the format you need.

Образцы коммерческих предложений
Образцы коммерческих предложений, созданные нашими пользователями. Хотите сюда?