Affiliate program

What is the core idea of the affiliate program?

The core idea of the affiliated program is to bring customers to the Wilda website, telling other people about it.


As soon as creating Account, you get a personal affiliate link that you share throuh any convenient way: in social networks, youtube channel, blogs and forums etc. Anyone who signs up on your affiliate link automatically becomes your referral.

A revolutionary solution!

The revolutionary solution is that any of your created and published documents contain an affiliate link, provided that copyright "Made on Wilda" is enabled.

How it works?

Very simple! You copy your link from the Partner's balance menu of your Personal account or just create a document of any content, publish it and send a link to it to the recipients. In the bottom right corner of published document there is a copyright – "Made on Wilda". Clicking on this copyright your recipient goes to the site and automatically becomes your referral. In case of its payment for the Wilda services you get a partner reward!

How much will I get?

You will get 30% of all your referrals payments during the whole period of their work on Wilda. The data on the referrals and their payments are stored in your Personal account, in the Partner's balance section. You can watch the growth of your own income in a real time!

Who can become a Partner?

Both private and legal persons can become partners.

What can I do with affiliate rewards?

You will be able to pay for any Wilda services.

Wating to see you among our partners!

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