Wilda - online document builder for business, education and creativity

Wilda - online document builder for business, education and creativity

Create a business proposal, booklet, business card, presentation, banner, or website layout on the Wilda online editor, using templates or samples, or by starting a new document from scratch. Download your document in a format of your choosing or simply publish it directly onto the Internet!

Find out which format is most suitable for you by clicking on the icon:

Available document formats PDF, JPEG, PNG, HTML

Available document sizes А3, А4, А5, А6, А7 or Custom size


A format that converts documents into a vector image without any loss. PDF format is perfectly edited by professional design programs, such as Adobe illustrator, so that your file can be corrected if necessary.

The ideal format for printing a document, whether you are using a home/office printer or having it done in the printing house. Use it for business cards, brochures, flyers, paper presentations and any other printed documents.


The most popular image format. Due to the 'light weight' of the file It can be easily and quickly uploaded and does not take up very much space when stored on disk. Ideal for creating document previews and slides for presentations. Not suitable for printing in a printing house.


A file format for images, often used in the network, because it allows you to save a document without losing quality and maintaining transparency. PNG has a better image quality than JPEG, but the "weight" of the file can be 5-6 times higher, which affects a slower loading speed.

Use PNG format to save documents when it is important to get a higher image quality than JPEG and there are no restrictions on the "weight" of the file. Not suitable for printing in a printing house.


The file format, created for browsers. Most web pages are in HTML format in order for web browsers to recognize their content. On the Wilda editor, you have the ability to create a HTML document to publish on the Web. In this case, your document will be stored on the Wilda server with its own address and link, so that you are able to send to your recipients. An example of a published document

Publishing a document is useful if you:

  1. often make changes to documents and send current versions to colleagues and partners. In this case, you do not need to attach files to the email every time. Your addressee will always see the current version of the document by simply clicking on the link;
  2. want to share your document with colleagues, friends or clients via social networks;
  3. participate in the Wilda Affiliate program, as any document posted by you will be your affiliate link.

Read more about the benefits of a Document publishing service.


A4 is the most popular format. Suitable for most types of documents created for both on-screen viewing and printing: Leaflets, Brochures, Business proposals, Price lists, Presentations, etc.


A5 format is A4 format, folded in half. Suitable for creating leaflets, flyers and small printed materials. Standard format supported by all printers.


A6 is half the size of A5 and is used to create flyers, books, notebooks and organizers.


A7 is a fairly rare format, but still can be used for flyers, stickers, tags and other small printed materials.

Custom size

In addition to the default formats presented in the Editor, you can also create a document based on your own sizes, in px, mm or inches. These can be banners, covers, website and e-mail layouts, postcards, menus, tickets, posters, and more!

What do you want to create?

Business proposals

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Bi-fold brochures

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Tri-fold brochures

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A5 leaflets

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Social networks: Facebook

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DL flyers

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Business cards

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E-mail letters

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Website layouts

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School presentations

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lesson presentations

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Photo albums

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Greeting cards

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Custom format

Create a new document on the online builder Wilda

Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one!

We have combined all functions: working with texts, tables and presentations in one application! And most importantly, we have simplified everything! Due to the drag-and-drop principle of moving blocks on the page, you can create a document of any structure and design, no restrictions!

Extended Latin and Cyrillic support allows you to create documents in any of the following languages: En, Esl, Deu, Fra, Por, Ru, Ara, Ben, Chi, Hin, Ind, Jpn, Kor, Tha, Vie etc.

Modern templates

Your document will look professional, increasing your sales and bringing in additional profit. Each template has the correct structure and includes tips on the correct document design. You can take any sample or template and change whatever you like, adding or removing texts, images, logos, etc.

In addition, you save money on designer services and, most importantly, do not waste time on the document approvals.

Additional promotion opportunities

Thanks to the Publishing service, you can send your customers and partners a link to your document, so they can share it on all of their social networks. In addition, any changes you make to the published document will automatically be visible to everyone. A published document is always very well ranked by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., as you can fill it full of keywords which correspond to your business.

Dear User!

Some of Wilda online editor's core features are not supported by your mobile device. To create and edit documents, use a computer with a screen resolution at least 1200 pixels. Enjoy your work!