Document publishing service

The Publishing service is a new way to share your document with your customers, colleagues, or friends. The published document is stored on our server and has its own URL link, which you can send to all interested parties.

All you need to do is to copy your document's link from the address bar of your browser and then send it by E-mail, social networks, instant messengers or any other convenient method which best suits you.
Document publishing service

What are the key advantages to the publication service?

The publication service has a number of key advantages that will allow you to expand the limits of your business and attract the maximum amount of audience to your goods and services, using the capabilities of the modern Internet.

Possibility to share the document on social networks

If you have created a business document, imagine what amazing promotional opportunities you have. In one click you can send it to all your friends via any social network! And the best thing is that all your contacts can do the same!! After all, it is much easier than forwarding your letter attached as a document to an E-mail! And if you're a teacher or student who has created a beautiful presentation, you can easily share it with your colleagues or fellow students.

Online demonstration of presentations

One of the key features of the Publication service is the online demonstration function. Your presentation is stored on our server, so you will never leave it at home or at your workplace. It is available to you 24 hours a day! All you need to do is just log into your personal account, enable the slideshow mode on your published presentation and click the link!

Here's an example of a Published presentation.

Press F11 to view the presentation in full screen mode.

Easy edits coordination

If you are working on a document and you need to constantly coordinate edits with colleagues or customers, there is no need to constantly forward the document by e-mail to them when using the Publication service. You only need to provide a link to the document once, and then your recipients will see the edits you make in real time!

Active links

When you create a document, you can make any part of the text a link to an external resource, and this link will be active on the published document! This is very convenient if you are making a commercial offer, as it provides a link to your own website. Alternatively, you can create a presentation and provide links to the content you've used!

Very high image quality

When publishing, the document is not converted into any of the formats, so it does not lose any quality.

Dear User!

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