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It is absolutely free to to create, edit and save any number of documents. You only pay when you download the finished document to your computer or when you publish it on our website.

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Document download
Formats: jpg, png, pdf
Number of
Cost of
one download
One-time download 1 2,5 usd 2,5 usd
"Minimal" downloads package 3 3,5 usd 1,2 usd
"Optimal" downloads package 5 4,5 0,9 usd
"Regular" downloads package 10 5 usd 0,5 usd
"Unlimited monthly" downloads package unlimitted 7 usd -
"Unlimited 3 months" downloads package unlimited 19 usd -
"Unlimited yearly" downloads package unlimited 60 usd -
Document publication Number of
Cost of
one publication
One-time publication (the first month is Free!)
More about Publishing service.
1 1 usd 1 usd

The price of services are in US dollars. We accept payments in any currency: USD, EUR, GBP, AED, AUD, CNY, IDR, INR, JPY, KPW, KRW, NZD, PHP, RUB, TRY, THB, VND etc. Once you have paid, your currency will be converted into dollars at the rate set by your Bank at the time of payment.

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