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Need a creative advertising flyer? Make your best promotional flyer on the Wilda online maker. You no longer need Word, Photoshop or complex design programs and software. Select a cool colorful flyer sample or unique template and replace photos and texts on your own. Download the finished document in the following formats: jpeg, png or pdf and order your print at any print house of your choice.

Flyer templates are of DL size(210 x 99 mm). For A4 leaflets, go to the Business proposals page, for A5 format, go to the Leaflets, for A6 format, click "Create new document" at the bottom of the page.


Format: DL; Dimensions: 210 x 98 mm (8.3 x 3.9 inches)

DL Flyer samples and templates

How to create a flyer on Wilda

Any sample can be easily edited: add or delete texts, images, logos, change backgrounds, colors and structure if necessary. Do whatever you want. No restrictions!

If you didn't find the sample you need, just select a universal template according to your structure, or start from scratch by clicking "Create new document".

+ Custom size
You will be able to select the desired document format from the list or specify your own size in mm, inches or pxs.

Still have questions?

  • May I do and save my leaflet in a psd format on this Creator?
    No, you can save your leaflet in in pdf, jpeg or png formats.
  • Do you provide services for the layouts development on various topics, and if so, what is the price?
    No, we do not provide such services, but you can create a great leaflet using our simple layout ideas.
  • What is the difference between flyer and leaflet?
    In our interpretation the leaflet usually contains general information about the company's services, while the flyer informs about the start of discounts, sales, promotions and special offers. The size of the leaflets - A4, A5, the flyer size is A6 or DL (210х99 mm)
  • How to distribute flyers?
    The most common way is to distribute your marketing materials with the help of promoters on the street, exhibitions and locations of your potential audience.

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