Color theory

Color plays a dominant role in the design, as images and fonts. Color sets the mood of your design. It is able to motivate the viewer or, on the contrary, demotivate. That is why we strongly recommend that you learn the basics of working with Color and this article will help you on your way.
Color theory

How to select a Color?

We recommend using up to three colors in the design:

Main color

As the main (dominant) color in the design, it makes sense to use the color that is associated with the main product or service. In addition, as the main color you can use an existing corporate color, such at that used in a logo.

Color for accents

Color that is used to highlight the semantic parts of the text: menu, buttons, description of new items, etc. As a color for accents it is possible to use:

Tints of the main color

In order to give the design "volume" up to three tints can be used on the main background, lighter and darker. This technique should be used carefully, otherwise the design may look too mottled.