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Need a creative advertising flyer? Make your best promotional flyer on the Wilda online maker. You no longer need Word, Photoshop or complex design programs and software. Select a cool, colorful flyer sample or unique template and replace the photos and text with your own. Download the finished document in the following formats: jpeg, png or pdf and have professionally printed.

Flyer templates are DL size(210 x 98 mm). For A4 leaflets, go to the Business proposals, for A5 format, go to the A5 Flyers, for A6 format, click "+ Start from scratch" at the bottom of the page. You can start without registration.
Format: DL; Dimensions: 210 x 98 mm (8.3 x 3.9 inches)

DL Flyer samples and templates

Didn't find the right sample or template?

If you didn't find the sample you need, just select a universal template according to your structure, or create a new document by clicking "Start from scratch".

You will be able to select the desired document format from the list or specify your own size in mm, inches or pxs.

How to design a DL flyer on Wilda

  • Add photos from 1.8 million free images or upload your own;

  • Choose any of dozens of fonts for texts editing;

  • Upload your own logo;

  • Editing is very simple and intuitive. Registration is not required!

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